Friday, January 18, 2008

Back from Hemet, California

Garrett's Stanley came back today from his Aunt Shelly in Hemet, California. She told us about how Stanley got to play with her cats, Mosey and Pickles. She showed us Stanley's view of the mountains around Hemet.
Shelly told us how Stanley got to go to work with her. He was able to participate in the desk decorating contest. Everyone liked how it looked decorated but they didn't win the contest.
Shelly told us about how Hemet is in the desert habitat and that it is referred to as the "Inland Empire". Then she explained that they had to drive about 1 hour to get to the Pacific Ocean. It was the home of the Cahuilla Indian Tribe.
Stanley also got to read about the history of Hemet when he visited the old train station. Shelly told us that they have a play there in the Spring called "Ramona". It is the story of how Hemet Valley was made into a town. She invited Stanley to come back in the Spring to see the play.
Shelly also told us about how Stanley visited with her family during Christmas. She said he loved looking at the Christmas Tree with her niece Jessica.
We hope to get these pictures up on the blog over the weekend. They will definitely add to Stanley scrap book we have going already! Thank you Shelly, Mosey and Pickles!
From Mrs. Rudd and the students in Room 100