Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back from Norwalk, Ohio

Today, Anthony's Grandma sent Stanley back from his visit in Norwalk, Ohio.
Stanley got to go near a place called "Cedar Point"-an amusement park with big roller coasters and many fun rides.
Stanley was able to see Grandma Rose's house decorated for Christmas. She told us how the tree was lit every night. Stanley was amazed at how many people visited the house for Christmas. There were a lot of people and Grandma had to put Stanley to bed so he could rest and not get hurt.
Stanley is such a lucky duck. He got to go to work with Grandma Rose in the surgery department at the hospital in Norwalk. He got to meet other nurses while she was there. She told us it was a tiring day for Stanley.
Stanley was also able to visit the court house and the post office as Grandma Rose and Grandpa Dave applied for the passports. Stanley visited the grocery store where Grandpa Dave used to work as a meat cutter. Stanley also viewed the library which is a very old building next to a museum.
Stanley got a cold after Christmas and has been hanging out at Grandma's house until he felt better.
Thanks for sending Stanley back Grandma Rose and Grandpa Dave!

Back from Austin, Texas

Today, Gezzelle's Flat Stanley came back from Austin, Texas. Gezzelle's Aunt Amber sent us pictures of afew of the things Stanley did with her. Stanley got to bake and decorate some Christmas cookies. He was also able to play with one of the neighborhood cats named Squeaks. Stanley also got to go to the animal shelter and look for Amber's missing cat, Monkey. He also got to watch a movie with Lech and Amber.
Amber told us how Stanley found out that Austin is the home of the first oil well. She also told us that the weather in Austin was usually warm but it has recently been cold and rainy.
Thanks for sending Stanley back safely!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Back from Hemet, California

Garrett's Stanley came back today from his Aunt Shelly in Hemet, California. She told us about how Stanley got to play with her cats, Mosey and Pickles. She showed us Stanley's view of the mountains around Hemet.
Shelly told us how Stanley got to go to work with her. He was able to participate in the desk decorating contest. Everyone liked how it looked decorated but they didn't win the contest.
Shelly told us about how Hemet is in the desert habitat and that it is referred to as the "Inland Empire". Then she explained that they had to drive about 1 hour to get to the Pacific Ocean. It was the home of the Cahuilla Indian Tribe.
Stanley also got to read about the history of Hemet when he visited the old train station. Shelly told us that they have a play there in the Spring called "Ramona". It is the story of how Hemet Valley was made into a town. She invited Stanley to come back in the Spring to see the play.
Shelly also told us about how Stanley visited with her family during Christmas. She said he loved looking at the Christmas Tree with her niece Jessica.
We hope to get these pictures up on the blog over the weekend. They will definitely add to Stanley scrap book we have going already! Thank you Shelly, Mosey and Pickles!
From Mrs. Rudd and the students in Room 100

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back from Navasota, Texas

Today, Stanley arrived back from Chelsie's uncle, Eduardo. He lives in Navasota, Texas. Stanley got to learn about General Lasalle, who was a great explorer of the Mississippi River. After learning so much history about General Lasalle, Eduardo told us that he and Stanley built up quite and appetite. So, they went to eat ice cream at Dairy Queen.
He also told us that the weather was cloudy and windy with a temperature of 34 chilly degrees. He told us that both he and Stanley were able to keep warm.

Thanks for sending Stanley back Tio Lalo!
From Chelsie, Mrs. Rudd and the students in Room 100

P.S. We will try and post the pictures over the weekend.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back from Fairbanks, Alaska

Happy New Year!

Stanley is in the snow!

Here comes Santa Claus!

Doggie and Stanley getting along!

Are you hungry for some ice cream and egg nog?

Santley at the winter soltice with Evelyn.

The Winter Soltice Bonfire

Volcano monitoring control room!

BRRRRRRRRR! It's cold. -38 degrees?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back from Cincinnati, Ohio

Today, we got Geordan's Flat Stanley back from his aunt in Cincinnati, Ohio. She told us about how Stanley visited her place of employment, did a bit of Christmas shopping and spent time with family during the holidays. He sure had a great time. Thanks for sending him back!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Back from Crestview, Florida, Arlington, Virginia and Wendell, North Carolina

Hello Friends and Family!

Our first Stanley arrived back today. We got Ean's Flat Stanley back from his grandma in Crestview, Florida. She sent us a few pictures. He got to visit some doctors and nurses as well as eat at some yummy restaurants.

(I am learning and I have to figure out how to scan the pictures and insert them into the blog.)

Later, after lunch, we got 2 more Stanleys back, McKenzie's and mine. They came back from Arlington, Virginia from Erin Reinhardt and Fred and Heidi Trout.

McKenzie's Flat Stanley diary (made by Erin) showed that he hung out with Erin's Christmas decorations, went to the White House, the National Christmas Tree, Drake Well Park-site of the where Oil was first discovered, the National Zoo and he even rode the subway. He made friends with Tai Shan the panda. I wonder if he likes to munch on bamboo for a snack...hmmm.
He was also able to attend a New Year's Eve party! Woohoo for Stanley!

The diary of my Flat Stanley (made by Fred and Heidi) showed that Stanley traveled a great distance before coming back to Ohio. He started in Wendell, North Carolina. He posed near the Raleigh Skyline, the Raleigh Capitol Building, Pilot Mountain, and even went 5000 feet above Sea Level as he traveled through the Appalachian Mountains. He also visited the Charleston, West Virginia Capitol Building, crossed the Ohio River at Marietta and saw the McKinley Monument in Canton, Ohio.

Wow! He's experienced some cool visits so far! Thanks!