Monday, January 7, 2008

Back from Crestview, Florida, Arlington, Virginia and Wendell, North Carolina

Hello Friends and Family!

Our first Stanley arrived back today. We got Ean's Flat Stanley back from his grandma in Crestview, Florida. She sent us a few pictures. He got to visit some doctors and nurses as well as eat at some yummy restaurants.

(I am learning and I have to figure out how to scan the pictures and insert them into the blog.)

Later, after lunch, we got 2 more Stanleys back, McKenzie's and mine. They came back from Arlington, Virginia from Erin Reinhardt and Fred and Heidi Trout.

McKenzie's Flat Stanley diary (made by Erin) showed that he hung out with Erin's Christmas decorations, went to the White House, the National Christmas Tree, Drake Well Park-site of the where Oil was first discovered, the National Zoo and he even rode the subway. He made friends with Tai Shan the panda. I wonder if he likes to munch on bamboo for a snack...hmmm.
He was also able to attend a New Year's Eve party! Woohoo for Stanley!

The diary of my Flat Stanley (made by Fred and Heidi) showed that Stanley traveled a great distance before coming back to Ohio. He started in Wendell, North Carolina. He posed near the Raleigh Skyline, the Raleigh Capitol Building, Pilot Mountain, and even went 5000 feet above Sea Level as he traveled through the Appalachian Mountains. He also visited the Charleston, West Virginia Capitol Building, crossed the Ohio River at Marietta and saw the McKinley Monument in Canton, Ohio.

Wow! He's experienced some cool visits so far! Thanks!