Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why do a project like this?

I am sure many people would wonder why I would want to do a project like this. Well...
I reviewed the grade level indicators that would be connected with this project. Here are just some of them:

· Demonstrate a growing stock of sight words.
· Read text using fluid and automatic decoding skills, including knowledge of patterns, onsets and rimes.
· Read aloud with changes in emphasis, voice, timing and expression that show a recognition of punctuation and an understanding of meaning.
· Construct complete sentences with subjects and verbs.
· Write friendly letters or invitations that follow a simple letter format.
· Print legibly and space letters, words and sentences appropriately.
· Spell words correctly with regular short vowel patterns and most common long vowel words (e.g., time, name).
· Spell high-frequency words correctly.
· Create phonetically-spelled written work that can usually be read by the writer and others.
· Spell unfamiliar words using strategies such as segmenting, sounding out and matching familiar words and word parts.
· Use end punctuation correctly, including question marks, exclamation points and periods.
· Use correct capitalization (e.g., the first word in a sentence, names and the pronoun I).
· Use nouns, verbs and adjectives (descriptive words).
· Deliver brief informal descriptive presentations recalling an event or personal experiences that convey relevant information and descriptive details.
· Identify and use symbols to locate places of significance on maps and globes.
· Locate the local community, state and the United States on maps or globes.
· Compare areas within the local community to identify similarities.
· Describe human adaptations to variations in the physical environment including: food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and recreation
· Communicate information orally or visually.
· Describe family and local community customs and traditions.
· Describe life in other countries with emphasis on daily life, including roles of men, women and children.

· Recognize that seasonal changes can influence the health, survival or activities of organisms.
These are just some...
I know this will be a valuable learning opportunity for the students and for me...